Tourist: A Love Song from Paris


    My friend wrote a countermelody to this and we sang it together:

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    Huge thanks to Contiki for giving my little song the biggest view!

    I know this is kinda a weird video from me but it was born out of a weird situation– a vacation planned for two people that I experienced as one people. So the song’s a true story (and when do I ever get an opportunity to share my feelings on this channel (lol like I have FEEEELINGS)). Anyways, next time I’ll give you some good old fashioned no-feels-belly-laugh-eye-rolling-whip-your-dicks-out-for-a-primate hilarious comedy.

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    At least I avoided cliche
    Holding nobody’s hand along the Champs-Élysées
    Taking my time
    Breaking bread, sipping wine
    Meant for two

    It’s a beautiful city for saps
    But turn out the lights, we’re too clever for that
    And I know, I know we’re not in love
    But we’d fool this old town
    With the view of us, thoughts from the tourist

    We could fall for the streets of Paris
    But the Eiffel’s a joke and the punchline is me
    And you know, you know it’s not funny
    But we’d laugh till it was
    Just the two of us, thoughts from the tourist

    And I know, I know that we tried
    To survive on a lie we couldn’t endure
    So what’s just one more
    Thought from the tourist, imagining the two of us

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    Hiya! I’m Jon Cozart and welcome to my channel, Paint! I make comical/informative music videos, usually acapella– basically I take stuff I love and make more stuff from that stuff, stuff like Disney movies, boy bands, Christmas, and YouTube of course! :]


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